A video of the incident has gone viral on Instagram, showing a man proposing to his girlfriend in the middle of the street after staging a false gunpoint robbery. The footage begins with a red automobile approaching an intersection before a pedestrian and two men on motorcycles block its way. They demand that the couple sitting inside the car step out, while one of the men points what appears to be a concealed weapon at the woman. Two gang members then force the male to his knees, holding the woman in front of him. In a wild plot twist, the men stop shouting and the kneeling man takes out a ring to propose to his fiancée, eliciting applause. After discovering it’s a joke, the woman hits him repeatedly as he places the ring onto her finger. The couple then embraces and kisses to celebrate their engagement, as his accomplices cheer them on.


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While Some Laughed At The Confusing A Prank, Others Wondered Why The Young Man Felt This Was A Good Idea

While some were thrilled by the complex prank, others wondered why the young man felt it was a good idea.

“You have to love someone wholeheartedly to be with them in health and sickness, in kidnappings or robberies,” chimed in. Another remarked, ”He almost gave the girl a heart attack, and he would have been left without a girlfriend.

A third user remarked, ”She took it so casually that I don’t know whether to worry about the country’s situation or think it’s fake.”

A fourth said, ”How sad it is to have violence and insecurity so normalized.”

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