A viral video showcasing an influencer’s guide on how to fool a man into paying your bills sparked a heated online debate over gender discrimination and the possible harm caused by such deceptive information. Ruchi Kokcha, a user on Twitter, submitted the film on Monday. It begins with a voiceover in the background in which the woman attempts to educate how to attract a male’s attention in a bar, keep him engaged by ignoring him, and eventually entice him to foot the bill.

Ms. Kokcha shared the video, writing, “This is Priyanka Tyagi, a social media influencer with 1 million followers on Instagram. She is giving a tutorial on how to trick a guy into falling for you just to pay your bills. The reel has 4.3 million views.”

She added, “Imagine the outrage If a guy talks about doing this kind of thing. Our law has so many provisions for women who can slap numerous cases on a man who tries to do such a thing, but none for such women who dupe men off their money by giving them false relationship hopes. Time for equal laws?”

Ms Kokcha’s Tweet Has Received Over 518,000 Views since Its Initial Sharing

Ms. Kokcha’s tweet has received over 518,000 views since its initial sharing. Users commented on how misleading the reel was. “Feminists don’t outrage on such reels. If a male influencer made a reel on how to use a woman and then dumped her, he would have been completely cancelled. Especially if he said in India because such girls are….. Not dil lagane ke liye,” commented  one user

“This reel is horrible.  There’s already a genre of reels called “pick up artists” or “negging 101″ Horrible people from both genders make content unfortunately But what has law got to do with this? They’re making content. It’s content but what exactly are you expecting here?” A second user commented.

“For all the commentators who think that this really was just a joke let me tell you that the question is not that this really a joke or not the question is why she was able to post such a reel on Instagram even if it is a joke mocking men and trapping them into paying your bill,” a third person said.

“True, everyone defending her saying “it’s comedy” ..Imagine if men made this, same people be like “some things are not for joking,” added another.

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