Big Boss is now generating a lot of buzz. With several twists and rumors daily, there is always something new to discover in Bigg Boss OTT, this year. And most recently, the kiss shared by Akanksha Puri and Jad Hadid during a task has generated new controversy all over the internet.

Not regretting kissing Jad Hadid, Akanksha

After the eviction, Akanksha discusses the entire situation in detail. In an interview with the media channel, Akanksha stated, “I did not engage in lovemaking. I completed a task that was given to me. I have no regrets whatsoever. Jad making this kissing task so personal made me feel awful. We would have succeeded in the task even if I had only briefly touched his lips, but he became so personal.”

Akansha on being referred to as a “Bad Kisser”

Jad and Akanksha are both given this task. Jad described Akanksha as a terrible kisser after kissing her during a Task. Akanksha responded to Jad’s criticism of her kissing abilities by saying, “I restrained myself and my movement of lips and that’s why he termed me a bad kisser but he forgot for me it was just a task and I didn’t want to get attached. I wasn’t feeling anything at the time. I’m glad that Pooja Ma’am at least stood by my side and took a stand for me. He kept talking about it and expressed his wish for another opportunity to kiss me in the future. He diverted the conversation in a new direction.”

First time on Bigg Boss History

Every age group in society watches Big Boss, making it one of the most watched shows. It is a well-known fact that something controversial always happens in the new season of Big Boss. However, this is the first occasion that any two candidates have kissed in front of the camera. Although, the host of the show, Salman Khan has already evicted her from the show and said that he will not tolerate any such acts in the show.

Salman Khan also scolded Jad Hadid and questioned his actions during the task. He further added while interacting with Jad that- he wasn’t portraying any fictional characters and that the show wasn’t pre-written. Jad attempted to defend himself at first, but afterward offered Salman his apology. He said that he did regret what he had done.

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