Fake celebrity photos and videos are getting widespread on social media these days. This has sparked broad concern among internet users. Recently a fraudulent snapshot of Katrina Kaif from a Tiger 3 scene went viral. A photo of Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara Tendulkar has now appeared as a deepfake. Netizens are expressing strong reactions to this video or pictures.

Sara Tendulkar is shown with star cricketer Shubman Gill. Netizens are astounded by the extent to which this technology may be exploited. Sara’s brother Arjun Tendulkar appears in the photograph. This image, however, has been manipulated to depict Sara Tendulkar hugging Shubhman Gill. Sara Tendulkar shared this photo on his brother’s birthday in September.


Sara-Shubman Not Confirmed Dating Rumors

Shubhman Gill and Sara Tendulkar’s names have been trending on social media for several months. Meanwhile, Sara’s photo has been morphed and circulated on social media. The deepfake photo has gone viral, with the caption claiming that Sara has confirmed her connection with Shubman.

However, this is a fictitious image made by AI.

Deepfake Video of Rashmika Mandana

All of this began after Rashmika Mandanna’s AI deepfake video went viral. After that, the actress penned a lengthy note about it. This occurrence led the Union IT Ministry to begin an investigation and guarantee that such incidents are reported on time.

As per the IT guidelines announced in April 2023, social media platforms have a legal responsibility to guarantee that no false information is shared by any user.
Katrina Kaif, like Rashmika Mandana, has been a victim of Deepfake Videos.

Katrina’s picture was generated yesterday by editing the towel scene from Katrina Kaif’s forthcoming flick Tiger 3. Given the prevalence of deepfake photographs and videos, ordinary internet users are likewise astonished and concerned about their privacy.

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