On Wednesday, Swades Star Gayatri Joshi’s Lamborghini crashed with a Ferrari and a camper van, according to the dashcam video. A car crash in Sardinia, Italy, claimed the lives of two Swiss visitors Melissa Krautli (63) and Markus Krautli (67), after their wrecked Ferrari caught fire.

The event happened during the Sardinia Supercar Tour, which includes a luxury car parade from Teulada to Olbia in which drivers may tour the area in hired luxury vehicles.

Gayatri Was On Vacation with Her Husband Vikas Oberoi On the Italian Island

Gayatri was on vacation with her husband, Vikas Oberoi, on the Italian island. Several sports car can be seen in the video waiting up behind the camper van on a two-lane roadway. The actor’s blue Lamborghini attempted to pass the vehicle. When the Ferrari behind them collided with the actor’s car, it turned rapidly to take over both vehicles.

Actor Gayatri Joshi's Lamborghini Crashes with A FerrariThe accident caused the camper van to flip, enveloping the entire scene in a cloud of dust.

While the couple’s manager stated that they were both unharmed, the star and her, husband can be seen noticeably frightened at the scene of the incident. While her spouse looks on, the actress is seen sitting on the side of the road beside her damaged car. A video also shows the actress sobbing as her husband tries to console her. Other images show the wrecked automobile on the side of the road, its front badly twisted.

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