Elvira Lundgren, a Swedish social media star, froze the internet with a recent video showing her hair transformed into a sparkling ice crown after walking outside in northern Sweden’s -30 degree Celsius temperatures.

Lundgren’s popular video serves as a disturbing reminder of the harsh weather that has gripped the country, with temperatures dropping to bone-freezing levels in certain areas. The icy attack is causing considerable disruption and hardship for many Swedes, rather than only providing fun online.

“Temperatures have reached -30 degrees Celsius, and I just had to do a little experiment,” she stated in the video’s caption.

Social Media Platforms Are Filled With Weird Stories about the Cold Blast’s Impact

Social media platforms are filled with weird stories about the cold blast’s impact, ranging from frozen car doors to beardcicles. While Lundgren’s frozen mane makes news, it serves as a sharp reminder of the real-world issues presented by this chilly episode.

Meanwhile, Sweden experienced its coldest January night in 25 years on Wednesday, with a temperature of minus 43.6 degrees Celsius in the far north as a cold snap rocked the Nordics.

“To put that into perspective, that is the lowest January temperature in Sweden since 1999,” Mattias Lind, a meteorologist with Sweden’s national weather office SMHI, told AFP.

In January 1999, Sweden recorded a temperature of -49 degrees Celsius (minus 56.2 Fahrenheit), tying the 1951 record.

Lind stated that Wednesday’s measurement was taken at the Kvikkjokk-Arrenjarka station in Sweden’s far north.

“It is the lowest temperature that has been recorded in this specific spot since measurements began” in 1888, he said.

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