A video from the vibrant opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games In Hangzhou is making the rounds on social media. The centerpiece of the ceremony was a massive computer-generated torch bearer racing down the Qiantang River and igniting a ceremonial flame at the Olympic Sports Centre Stadium. The gleaming, golden figure takes the flame to the stadium, where the games begin with the theme Tides Surging in Asia’ – the intermingling of China, Asia, and the world in the new era, as well as the unity, love, and friendship of the Asian people.

The CGI Figure Has Now Been Named Xiao Huomiao

The CGI figure has now been named Xiao Huomiao, which means “little flame” in Mandarin, according to the South China Morning Post (SCMP). It was made by capturing Gao Yu’s moves at Guangzhou Yuyan Middle School in the city’s Huangpu area.

According to the SCMP, the adolescent was picked from 100 million applications because he was “tall with good posture, having a sports background and strong arms”.

Gao was dressed in a black CGI suit with green and yellow pads for the filming and had to make numerous moves and actions while holding one of the ceremonial candles.

“Although I did not actually appear, to be able to participate in the opening ceremony and even light the cauldron was a really precious experience,” Gao was reported by the site as saying.

The CGI figure jogged across the city towards the stadium while various past Chinese Olympic champions gave lighted torches to the next person on their path.

Xiao Huomiao was not the only piece of computer-generated magic on exhibit at the occasion, when the ceremony concluded, viewers at home were treated to an AI-generated fireworks display.

The Asian Games Began with Almost 12,000 Participants from 45 Nations and Territories Competing in 40 Sports

The Asian Games began with almost 12,000 participants from 45 nations and territories competing in 40 sports, after being displayed by a year due to China’s –now abandoned zero COVID policy.

The nearly full 80,000-capacity “Big Lotus” stadium was magnificently decked out for the event, and athletes from participating countries, including India, were greeted with a thunderous shout

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