An 8-year-old girl in Arnlodsburg, West Virginia, USA leaped out of a first-floor window with her teddy bear and begged for food at a local shop after her parents reportedly starved her.

Ryan Keith Hardman and Ellio M Hardman, the girl’s parents, were charged with child negligence. The 8 years old girl informed store employees that her parents had refused to feed her and that she hadn’t eaten in many days.

“The little girl, she came through the store, just walked up to us … And said, ‘I’m hungry. My mom and dad don’t want me anymore. Do you have anything I can eat? ‘” questioned Kelly Hutchinson, a Family Dollar employee, according to WOWK.

The Girl Admitted to Eating a Sandwich Given to Her by A Brother Three Days Previously

According to the police complaint, the child admitted to eating a sandwich given to her by a brother three days previously.

“Me having kids of my own, it just broke my heart her saying she was hungry and haven’t eaten,” said another employee, Sandra Knicley told the media outlet. “No little girl should ever feel like she’s not wanted. No kid, for that matter.”

As they phoned the cops, the store employees gave her a snack.

The Parents Are Presently Being Held On A $100,000 Cash-Only Bond

The hungry teen informed the authorities that she was forced to jump out the second-story window because her parents would not allow her to come downstairs. Her parents would also frequently punish her by keeping her in her room for up to a week without meals.

The girl and her 3 siblings were removed from their home. The parents are presently being held on a $100,000 cash-only bond.

During the search, the officer discovered, “food in the cupboards, food pantry, refrigerator, and freezer for the entire family,” none of which seemed to be expired. They discovered drug paraphernalia as well.


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