In an unusual incident, a teen in China who was bitten by a mouse retaliated by biting the creature back. The shocking incident occurred  after an 18-year-old woman was bitten on her finger by a mouse in her university dormitory, according to the South China Morning Post. She became enraged and resolved to take matters into her own hands. Instead of catching the mouse with a mouse trap or shooing it away, the teen decided to catch it herself. She captured the obnoxious rodent, held it in her hands, and proceeded to vengefully bite it on the head, leaving two tooth imprints. The mouse died soon after, purportedly as a result of the girl’s strong hold, which caused asphyxia.

She Had Lip Injuries As A Result Of Sinking Her Teeth into the Rodent

Meanwhile, she had lip injuries as a result of sinking her teeth into the rodent. Later, on her Douyin account, the student stated that she had received fast treatment and was OK. Her roommate also reported that she immediately regretted her actions and was ashamed of revealing her face throughout the therapy.

She stated that the doctor who attended to the patient stated that he had never seen something like this before. ”It took the doctor a while to work out how to write up her case file,” she noted.

The Woman’s Unusual Behaviors Both Surprised And Amused Social Media Users

The incident sparked a flood of jokes, with several users requesting her to help them with their mouse issues at home.

”I hereby declare her the greatest daredevil of 2023,” one person said. ”Do you want to keep an eye on our rice barns?” another user said.

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