Last Thursday, CCTV cameras filmed a boy’s passage through the luggage system at Chile’s Santiago International Airport after he managed to ascend a conveyor belt. Fortunately, airport personnel rescued the youngster. A video of the event was shared on social media and received over 5 million views.

The child can be seen climbing into the system behind an empty check-in counter in the footage. The video depicts the toddler passing on the moving conveyor belt from several viewpoints. The cameras captured the boy’s trek through the airport’s restricted sections. The airport personnel recognized him and helped him off the conveyor belt and to safety.

The Airport Stated That It Was the Responsibility of Airline Workers to Ensure the Correct and Safe Operation of the Infrastructure

Chilean airport officials informed the daily La Tercera that their facilities meet “all international security standards in terms of the design of its infrastructure,” which includes cameras and detectors.

The airport stated that it was the responsibility of airline workers to ensure “the correct and safe operation of the infrastructure.”

“We are collecting all the information to determine how this situation occurred and reinforce safety measures and protocols with the airline operators to prevent it from happening again, beyond the responsibility that parents and caregivers should have for the children,” the company said in a statement.

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