A Cat Miraculously Escaped a Coyote Attack: A brave and daring cat nearly survived a terrifying encounter with a coyote that was captured on video. The video was published on Facebook by Tony Gray, who owns a home in Texas, United States. In the night a slender coyote persistently approaches the maul cat on Gary’s back porch.

On camera, a cat narrowly escapes a coyote attack on the porch of a US beach house, more than 24,000 people watched this video.

The Video has Gone Viral on Social Media

On Social Media, the video has gone viral, it has attracted hundreds of comments and the video is seen over 24,000 times. One User said, “OMG! that was a close call. that poor cat probably never felt such fear,” another user wrote “Did the cat survive, or did the coyote kill him down on the ground? This is so painful to watch!” A Cat Miraculously Escaped a Coyote Attack

How Cat Managed to Escape from Predator’s Jaw

The coyote follows the cat up onto a porch and tries to attack it forcefully in the video. The cat, on the other hand, hides beneath a deck, but the coyote is unafraid and resumes his pursuit of the cat. The two creatures engage in a war.

The cat is seen frantically attempting to climb onto a wooden guardrail, only to be caught in the coyote’s teeth. However, the cat manages to extricate itself from the predator’s jaws and force it down with its front paws. The Coyote again tries to bite that little cat but the cat rapidly climbs up a wooden porch pillar and out of direct danger.

Finally, the coyote is seen taking a couple of laps around the porch before admitting defeat and fleeing. The frightened cat, on the other hand, was left clutching the pillar for a while before slipping and falling.

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