A picnic at Mexico’s Chipinque Ecological Park turned into a terrifying experience for a family when a hungry black bear decided to join them. The bear is shown eating enchiladas, salsa, tacos, and French fries on a picnic table in the park in a video that has become popular on social media.

According to the BBC, the event occurred as Silvia Macias of Mexico City was celebrating the 15th birthday of her son, Santiago, who has Down Syndrome, in a park. A bear appeared out of nowhere, leaped upon the picnic table, and ate the picnic treats. Meanwhile, the mother and son due Sat crippled in quiet, as the mom covered the boy’s face and clutched him tightly. The bear jumped off the table and fled when there was no more food.

Angela Chapa, Ms. Macias’ acquaintance, captured the video, which went viral on various social media sites.

The Video Has Gone Viral, And Many People Are Saying That They Were Horrified While Seeing It

The video has gone viral, and many people are saying that they were horrified while seeing it. Many people praised the woman’s bravery and mental fortitude. ‘I think the mum was the real bear here protecting her young,” one person said.

”This bear in Mexico going to town on tacos and enchiladas while people just remain calm is something to behold,” another person said.

”Mom was amazingly cool and obviously well-versed in how to behave in the situation,” third said.

”If you are ever encountered by a bear, the most important thing is to stay calm. Do not run away, as this may trigger the bear’s chase instinct. Instead, back away slowly and make yourself look as big as possible. If the bear charges, curl up into a ball and protect your head and neck.” The fourth user commented.

The Park’s Website Advised Tourists That Black Bear Encounters Had Surged in The Monterrey Metropolitan Region

According to the BBC article, the park’s website advised tourists that black bear encounters had surged in the Monterrey metropolitan region, with bears observed roaming in parks, neighborhoods, and streets near the mountains, posing a risk to both people and animals.

The park reportedly warned tourists not to “never try to photograph a bear up close”.

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