We have all studied history in schools. But have you ever questioned, how much of what we know is true?
Well, we did it for you. and here is the result. This is a list of 6 Historical “Facts”(not really) that aren’t true. We will be taking you through different widely accept myths, and discussing how they came to be.
So, without further ado, let’s see what these are:

1. Pyramids were built by Jewish

Contrary to popular belief, Jews weren’t the slaves who built the Pyramids of Geza.

This myth started back in 1977, when Menachem, the Formal Prime Minister of Israel visit Egypt. And later Hollywood caught it, & made some movies about it. we all know what happened next.

“The myth of the slaves building pyramids is only the stuff of tabloids and Hollywood,” quoted the former berlin Egyptian Museum Director, Dieter Wildung.

“The world simply could not believe the pyramids were built without oppression and forced labor, but out of loyalty to the pharaohs.” He added.

It was clarified by the recent archeology finding which suggests that pyramids were built by Egyptians themselves. Supporting the claim is the fact that Jewish people didn’t even exist back then.

2. Cleopatra was Egyptian

Yet again, we come to a historical “fact” or a widely known myth related to Egypt.

It is to do with the famous queen of Egypt “Cleopatra”. And she wasn’t Egyptian. Yes, you read that right. She wasn’t Egyptian.

She came from a family who traces their origin back to Greece know as the Ptolemaic dynasty. They ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great.

You will be surprised to learn that Cleopatra’s family didn’t know Egyptian, and had to learn it. still, they refused to speak the language.

But this misconception is quite understandable as she used to dress quite Egyptian-ish. She used to displace herself as an avatar of an Egyptian goddess, Isis.

3. Vikings wore horned helmets to battle.

Vikings are quite popular in modern media. They have been depicting in films, series, games, and what not, wearing their iconic horned helmet, and a large beard.

The only thing is, it isn’t true. Vikings have never worn horned helmets as we have been seeing.

To date, there has been no archaeological evidence supporting this popular belief. But it does tell us, is that Viking Warriors usually wore leather helmets, or fought bare-head.

This false fact arose back in the 1800s. a well know, Swedish artist Gustav Malmströmstems added Vikings rushing to battle with horned helmets on their head. Even, Wagner depicted the same in this many Operas.

4. Christopher Columbus discovered America.

No one knows where it comes from, but all of us know that America was discovered by Christopher Columbus. People of America even celebrate Columbus Day every year.

However, this isn’t true. It’s not even anywhere near the truth.

What happened was, Columbus landed in the Caribbean. He also went to Central and South America. But there is no record of him or his crew ever setting for on north America.

Greek Mathematicians as early as the 6th century BC knew theorized that the world was round. And it is believed that Columbus planned his trip based on “Geography” by Ptolemy.

5. Napoleon Bonaparte was a shortie.

Napoleon Bonaparte was many things, an able military commander, a leader, but one thing that was not is “short”.

Napoleon’s height has been the subject of many jokes for a long time. However, there is no reality behind it.

Yeah, he was 5’2. But measurement units before the revolution were different. If we convert it into the units we use today, he stood about 5’6 tall. This isn’t quite bad, even compared to what was the average height that time, 5’5.

There are chances that he earned the nice name “Le Petit Caporel” meaning the little Corporal, out of effect rather than insult.

However, this myth has left a permanent mark in history. Today, the term “Napoleon Complex” is used to denote the inferiority problems faced by small men.

6. Albert Einstein was bad at math.

This is possibly the most widely accepted “fact” on this list, that has no truth to back it.

We have all heard that Albert Einstein wasn’t good at mathematics. Also, that he never passed his math exam. Plus, it was also stated on, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.”

This isn’t all, rumors also claim that he couldn’t even solve the most basic of mathematic equations. But you can forget all of this because not even a bit of it is true.

Einstein was quite good at math. He was exceptional. He had mastered Calculus, both differential and integral before the age of 15. And he got his matriculation certificate, at age of just 17. He did this while receiving the highest mark “6” on Algebra and Geometry.

Moreover, Albert Einstein himself clarified Ripley’s claim in his book, “Einstein: His Life and Universe”. He quoted that “I never failed in mathematics. Before I was 15, I had mastered calculus.”

Isn’t it amazing and embracing at the same time that, so much of what we know isn’t true at all?

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