Dogs are the cutest, most fluffy, and joyful creatures there are, a cat person might disagree but we’ll let them be. Coming back to the good boys, and girls, in this blog, we shall be looking at 3 stories of Super Star Dogs, that will make your day.

With this said, let’s get right into it:   

 1. Cairo The SEAL Dog

One can say that Cairo is one of a kind dog. But a more absolute good boy, aside from being a veteran. A Belgian Malinois, he was the dog was born and bred to be a military dog, but boy if he exceeded the expectations.

You see, after starting as a service dog, he advanced into Navy SEAL Training, yes you read that right. And he is the only dog who accompanied SEAL Team 6 when they raided Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan.

Well, one can say that Cairo is the only good boy, who helped take down Bid Laden that is publicly known. (he is internet famous too)  

2. Dozer the Marathon Dog

Everyone knows that dogs tend to bark or get excited when they see people running outside their house. but our Dozer had other plants.

One day, when this 3-year-old cotton ball of softness saw some people running a marathon in Fulton, Maryland, he decided to join in.

Some seven miles later, Dozer along with other marathon runners, crossed the finish line. This marathon was a fundraiser event by the University of Maryland’s Greenebaum Cancer Center.

No one knew that Dozer was all by himself, but he returned home safe and sound the next day. He looked a little tired (for obvious reasons), so he is taken to the vet.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t much time before, the news got around, and Dozer even got TV coverage. Plus, he got a special award, which was much deserved for a good boy he was. Not to forget, he did help them raise as much as $21,000.

11/10 to this super start doggo.

3. Lada the Loyal Babysitter

So, this story is from Saratov, Russia. A 22-year-old lady named Olga took her baby, and her doggie to a park for a meet-up with her friends.

Before you know, they are down a few drinks, then Olga leaves for home. Wait, are we forgetting something? Well, yeah! She left her baby and the dog at the park.

Very irresponsible but luckily Lada was there to save the day. So, when the next morning Olga realized her mistake the NEXT MORNING! she ran to the park.

This lady thought that baby was kidnapped. However, her father had gone to the park and found the baby there. Lada, the Rottweiler had stood guard over the kid the whole night. While Vadim was wet, crying, and hungry he was safe and sound, all thanks to Lada.

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