We all have fond memories of the characters from one of the best Bollywood films, 3 Idiots. Actor Akhil Mishra, who starred alongside Aamir Khan in the movie “Three Idiots,” recently died in a tragic accident. He was shooting in Hyderabad. According to the sources, Akhil Mishra fell from the table and died in his kitchen.

The actor had a major head injury as soon as he fell off the table. He lost a lot of blood as a result of this. Some reports, however, show that he “fell off from his building’s balcony.”’Following that, his neighbors or those nearby hurried to the hospital. Doctors at the medical facility declared him dead. A post-mortem examination of the deceased has been ordered. Akhil Mishra has been featured in several films and TV shows. The whole film business is in a state of shock and grief as a result of this news.

Actress Suzanne Bernert is Shocked by His Death

The late actor’s wife was heartbroken and shocked to learn of his sudden demise. Suzanne Bernert was not at home, according to sources from the E-Times, since she was in Hyderabad for a shooting. She immediately left the shooting location after learning of her husband’s death and returned from Hyderabad. The couple have worked together in many films and TV series.

Akhil Mishra Featured in These Films

Akhil Mishra has starred in notable films and television productions including Don Abba and Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi. Akhil Mishra has two marriages. Manju Mishra was the name of his first spouse, from whom he got divorced. Akhil Mishra later wed German actress Suzanne Bernert in 2009. Akhil Mishra was the finest Hindi actor and also used to work as an acting coach. His sudden demise and this way of bidding goodbye to the world have left his followers in tears today.

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