While Boarding a Flight a Woman Forgets Her Purse, the Impossible Is Done by the Ground Crew: For some, flying to a destination is a time-consuming process, Passengers must check their luggage, go through security and wait through long lines before boarding a plane. In this type of hurry, some people forget to bring certain items with them.

This Occurred when a female passenger forgets her purse while boarding a flight. She gets back the precious item thanks to the ground staff and the pilot of the plane.

The video of this incident has gone viral after it was posted on Reddit. It depicts the moment before a plane leaves the taxiway and heads to the main runway for takeoff.

The Cabin Crew Member was Attempting to Deliver the Package

With no other option, a cabin crew member attempts a daring maneuver handing over the purse to the pilot. According to the video, the cabin crew member is attempting to deliver the package in one throw to avoid unnecessary delays in the flight. So before tossing the purse toward the plane, he mentally calculates the distance from the edge of the passenger’s bridge to the pilot’s window.

The throw was so successful that it lands safely at the pilot’s hand, who gives the man a thumb up. The video has received over 37,000 votes and 500 comments on Reddit. While Boarding a Flight a Woman Forgets Her Purse

What People are Saying

A user commented “That fist pump at the end though! “YES!!”, “The universal sign of “glad I didn’t make it worse,” another person said. Others shared their own stories about how their luggage was misplaced and the process they had to go through to retrieve it.

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