Guy Sets Fire to the Wedding Venue but Continues to Dance: The Video of an apparently drunk wedding guest nearly destroying the wedding location has viral on social media. On Twitter, the video has gained over 13 million views.

The Caption says “This how drunk I’m tryna be at my wedding.” The video begins with an unidentified man in a black suit walking out of the venue holding two sparklers and dancing to the song “I’m too Sexy”.

An incident almost occurred when one of the sparklers landed on the centerpiece and caught fire. Another guest can be heard screaming in the video while the guy continues to dance calmly.

People Rush Around as If Looking for Water or a Fire Extinguisher

People rush around as if looking for water, or a fire extinguisher, on the other hand, a man bravely waves his arm over the fire, whacking the burning centerpiece to the ground. He afterward thrashes on top of the flame to extinguish them before entertainingly continuing his rhythm without missing a beat. Guy Sets Fire to the Wedding Venue

What People Are Saying

One user commented, “Man just saved the day and he couldn’t even celebrate in peace lol haterrrr.” Another user wrote “Awareness level: 0, drunkenness level: 98, fireproof superpowers: 100.” “If ‘let’s keep it going was a person” said the third user. “That man was having the time of his life while everybody was screaming,” commented another one

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