Most of the Indian States are now experiencing monsoon season. The rainy season gives greenery and lessens the extreme temperatures of the summer for the inhabitants of the area. On the other side, it also transmits various diseases and infections. In this series, an eye illness is quickly spreading throughout several states. This eye infection is known as Conjunctivitis. It is a disease of the eyes, also known as Eye-Flu or Pink Eye.

Conjunctivitis affects a large number of individuals in Delhi-NCR and many other states. More than 100 cases of conjunctivitis are reported each day at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi. Similarly, on Monday (24 July 2023), out of about 72 patients who entered the ophthalmology outpatient department (OPD). At the Holy Family multi-specialty hospital in the national capital, 40 to 42 incidences of conjunctivitis were reported. Here are a few Eye Flu symptoms-

What are the Symptoms of Eye-Flu?

As per the experts, one should immediately consult a doctor if any of the below-mentioned symptoms of conjunctivitis appear-

  • Red Eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Swollen eyes
  • Excessive Tearing
  • Whitish Mucus in the Eyes
  • Itching and Pain in the Eyes

Additionally, it may occasionally result in flu-like symptoms such as a Runny nose, Sore Throat, and General Unease.

What are the Ways to Avoid Eye Flu?

  1. Wash your Hands from Time to Time.
  2. Do not touch the eyes Again and Again.
  3. Keep Cleanliness around you.
  4. Wash your eyes with Warm Water.
  5. Always wear Black Glasses/ Dark glasses while going outside.
  6. Do not make eye contact with the infected person.
  7. Never use the infected person’s Bed, Towel, or clothing.
  8. Keep away from the TV-mobile.

How exactly does this Infection Spread?

You can get this virus if you come into touch with an infected individual. By getting in touch with the tears from the eyes of a sick person, this virus accelerates the disease. Apart from this, the infection can also spread by sneezing during the cough of an infected person.

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