The video begins with footage of the dog’s mess before the owner confronts him about who led it. The husky, famed for its theatrical communication, screams loudly and frequently without ceasing. This goes on for a while till the human admits defeat in the argument. The video has gotten a lots of likes and comments.

Can’t lose the argument if I scream until you give in
by u/HeyImDadMe in AnimalsBeingGeniuses

“Watching these videos is like embarking on a serene journey, where the weight of the world simply fades away. It’s a much-needed respite for the soul,” a person said.

“Huskies are such great communicators. Like, “What are you moaning about, mom? I was just having fun; don’t be a killjoy; I’m not listening to you tell me off,” said another user.

“That last look in his eyes made me laugh. We used to have a dog that ran and hid under a corner table every time he was naughty. They know exactly what they’ve done! I’d wake up and hear our dog run for that corner table, and I knew he was naughty before I even finished walking out to the living room. PS: For all the naysayers out there, no, I never hit my dog. He just wanted to be naughty and not be scolded,” said third user.

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