1 What Are Your Financial Goals?

The first thing you need to talk about is money. While it might seem like an oddball to most of you, but hear this. Money is the primary source of stress in the marriage. And during later stages of life, it is quite important to be on the same page, so why not start early?
Ask them about their financial goals, discuss them, and let them know what you are comfortable with, and what needs to change.

2 How Can I Help You When You’re Down?

Your partner needs you the most when they are down, and if you don’t know how to help them, well, things can get rough. This is why it’s better to ask them and get their idea of what they need when they are down.
Some people need a shoulder to cry, others need some time alone, so the two are alike. Rather than trying to find a black cat in dark, ask them what they need and what they prefer. This will help you understand each other’s boundaries, and help each other out during those stressed times.

3 Do You Want Children And What Happens When We Can’t?

Contrary to popular belief, not every couple has figured it out. One might assume that a married couple has already talked about whether they want children or not, and what would they do if they get pregnant. But the answer is no.
And this is why it’s so important to ask this question. Just go to them, and ask, be straightforward. Because once you have brought a child into this world, you can’t send them back. thus, you should know when you are ready for a kid as a couple.
Another strong question that needs to be put on the table is what would happen if you can get pregnant. Well, out of the blue, but yeah. This is something that destroys relationships, and you need to be ready for this.

4 What Are Your Expectations?

You need to ask them about their expectations. Expectations regarding what? Well, everything.
A lot of things changes after marriage. This is not like college relationships. So, knowing what your partner is expecting of you, is a good way to maintain your bond. And trust us, this can highly affect your relationship.
It’s better to talk about the roles both of you will be taking after the marriage, then play the blame game later.

5 What’s Your Style of Communication?

It goes without saying, communication is key to any relationship, and everyone knows this. But what most people fail to understand is that you need to build a communication style that works for you.
Communicating is more than just talking. So, ask each other how they express themselves, what to say, what means what, and whatnot. Just discuss everything, and you will find a balance. A communication style that works for you.

6 What Are Deal-Breakers for You?

Discuss deal-breakers. Truth be told, everyone has certain deal-breakers. And you must understand your partners’.
Some people have some traditional issues, some have religious ones, others want children to be raised a certain way, and others don’t. so, it’s better to talk it all out before you get to it.
Because these are nonnegotiable points in life, and you shouldn’t force your partner to comply, and vice-versa.

7 How Much Alone Time Do You Need?

A person needs some time alone to deal with their emotions, the stress, the weight of the world, and whatnot. So, you should know when to leave your partner alone. but how would know when to leave them alone, and for how long? You ask them, as simple as that.
Understanding each other’s personal needs won’t only make the marriage more comfortable but also make your bond stronger.

8 What Are Your Physical Needs?

When you are marrying a person, you are marrying each and every part of them, not just the ones that apples you. so, it’s better you ask about things such as this, what are their physical needs?
Because at the end of the day, you are the only one who can fulfill them. It’s not like they can go somewhere else, right? And truth be told, sexual frustration can really cause relationships to break apart. So, it’s better you discuss them before tying the knot.

9 What Does Marriage Mean to You?

Just like everyone has a different definition of love, marriage isn’t the same for everyone either. So, what does marriage mean to your partner? Is it a legal agreement, is it a bonding of souls?

See, this takes us back to the expectation part. Based on what marriage means to them, they will have different expectations. And if you don’t understand each other’s idea of marriage, you won’t be up to these expectations. This can create a lot of problems later on.

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