Domestic Violence Has Left a Korean Internet Personality with a Blue Nose and Swollen Face: Xu Sharang is a South Korean internet celebrity who started with the girl group SUS4 in 2015 and split the following year. She married in 2019 after changing the runaway. The pair later appeared on the reality show “Between Marriage and Divorce, where they appeared to be resolving their marital problems. On the 17th, her husband’s family unexpectedly accused her on the social account. She suffers from an anger management condition and is abusive towards her.

Korean Internet Personality with a Blue Nose and Swollen Face

Sharon Xu Took to Instagram to Upload a Photo of Her Injured Eyes After Being Battered

Sharon Xu took to Instagram on the 17th to upload a photo of her injured eyes after being battered, accusing him of stating “All audiences watching the show should know that my husband has anger regulation disorder. After beaten and violent by him, I’m hiding at the moment When he went to another safe place,”

She confessed that his husband hit her in the face, pulled her to the ground, trampled her, dragged her to the toilet, and cut off her hair just because she came home too late to attend a dinner party with workers. The most terrifying aspect is that she was still holding the infant in her hand when she beat her.

Xu Shalang’s Husband Li Zhenghuan Objected the Next Day On Instagram, Accusing His Wife of Having an Affair

On the other hand, Xu Shalang’s husband, Li Zhenghuan objected the next day on Instagram, blaming his wife for having an affair and stating that he had sued his wife and the cheating man in June, but throughout the course of the case, he was astonished to find out that his wife had rented a motel room with her friends several times from August 2021 to lately, and even smoked marijuana.

If you find out even one time, you will die at my hands.” He confessed to making verbal aggression, but he never used violence.

Li Zhenghuan Acknowledged Pulling His Wife’s Hair

After checking back a few remarks Xu Shalang fled the house with the child and raced to the neighbor’s house to ring the doorbell for aid. Li Zhenghuan acknowledged pulling his wife’s hair at the moment. He underlined how important it was. The two had a little physical conflict without a firm hold and both sides said their own things.

Sharon Xu spoke again on the 19th and stated, “For the sake of the child, my husband and I decided to solve the problem through legal means, and I am very sorry for the disturbance”, effectively ending the dispute.

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