Lamborghini’s First Yacht Has Arrived

The Fist Lamborghini boat landed in the United States. The Italian supercar maker announced a collaboration with the Italian super boat producer Tecnomar in 2020 to construct a limited run of luxury yachts for the global market. Each of these finished boats in the United States is already waiting for its first buyers in South Florida.

Lamborghini’s First Yacht Has Arrived

Lamborghini's First Yacht Has Arrived

Each of the Nearly Five Dozen Yachts has A Starting Price of Around $3.5 Million

Its name, Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, carries a number of different meanings. The boat is 36 feet long with a top speed of 63 knots and just 63 of them are being manufactured. This number, however, is not random. Each of the nearly five dozen yachts have a starting price of around $3.5 million—and that’s before you add unique colors, fabrics, trim, and other individualized embellishments.

The boat’s unique Lamborghini design components, obviously, stand out. The inside and exterior of the luxury boat feature hexagonal patterns, Y-shaped headlamps from the marque’s Sián supercar, a jet-fighter-like cockpit, a pair of racing-inspired seats at the helm, and, of course, V-12 power. Moreover, compared to any other Lamborghini supercar in existence, the Techomar has two of these engines, which each runs on diesel fuel and delivers roughly 2,000 horsepower.

Lamborghini's First Yacht Has ArrivedThe Lamborghini-Tecnomar Yacht Joins the Ranks of Other High-End, Limited-Edition Boats

The Lamborghini-Tecnomar yacht joins the ranks of other high-end, limited-edition boats built by premium manufacturers such as Aston Martin and Mercedes-go-fast Benz’s division, AMG. Such ships are a part of a bigger effort by luxury automakers to offer branded living experiences wherever its consumers may want to be.

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