Keep Yourself Clean

While middle school might not be the best part of your youth, you have to maintain a basic level of hygiene. Everyone’s body goes through some changes; this doesn’t mean you should look like a homeless person.

All of it will get better with time, but meanwhile, you have to maintain yourself. this is something a lot of people ignore while trying to improve their “dating” game. And needless to say, if it did work, you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

So keep yourself clean, take a regular shower, use some deodorant, and good hair products. This will be good enough.

Don’t Be A Show-Off!

Guys, Listen!

You might not know it, but being a show-off doesn’t make you cool.

A lot of people tend to think showing off is a fast lane to a girl’s heart, while it isn’t even close to that. in fact, it has just the opposite effect.

It’s only in movies when being rude, disrespectful towards others is showcased as “cool”. If you do want to show something, do it in a positive manner. For instance, you can show skills in some game or your hobby.

Be Yourself

How to get a girlfriend in middle school? Simple, be yourself.

Don’t be the coolest kid, don’t be the smartest or richest, all you need to be is yourself. And this is something most middle-schooler ignore. Everyone thinks to impress a girl you need to be someone better, but that isn’t right.

A person being comfortable in his own skin is the best there could be. If that certain girl doesn’t like you for that, well, her loss, there will be another. Even if you get a girlfriend being someone else, how long will that last?

Talk to her Friends

Want to talk to a girl? Start by entering her friend group. Start talking to her friends. Now, we aren’t asking you to go full Sherlock and infiltrate her personal space.

Rather talking to people she talks to will allow you to get to know her better. Her friends will help you learn whether she is really interested in you or not. Maybe she is already into someone else, and learning early on is quite important.

So, start by talking to her friend, and getting to know her better, you will get there eventually.

Have Some Common Interest

Try to find some common interest among both of you.

Of course, this can’t be forced, but finding common interests isn’t that hard most of the time. And don’t make assumptions that a girl like her wouldn’t have anything in common with you.

Go on, talk to her, and you will know, people are completely different than what we think of them.

Be Patient

Patience is the key. If you are out there, thinking you can get that girl to be your girlfriend in 10 days, well, my friend what kind of drugs are you on?

Real-world doesn’t work like this. You have to give her some time, and take your time to get familiar with her. After all, rushing never gets anyone anywhere, right?

And this is how to get a girlfriend in middle school

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