Central America of all places, is quite an amazing destination. There are a bunch of countries that might not have heard about, but they are some of the most unique locations in the entity of the world. In addition to the best places to travel alone in Central America, we will also be looking at some other things like the best time to visit.

So, enough said, let’s get right into it:

Best Places to Travel Alone in Central America

We will be starting this blog by looking at some of the best countries in Central America which are safe even if you are Solo Travelling.


Belize it or not, this is the only country in Central America that is English Speaking. Plus, people here are quite friendly, and relaxed. And the ease of communication makes it quite easy to navigate around the place.

Belize also offers amazing beaches that will keep you entertained all your life. For a country with the motto “Go Slow”. Not to mention, the car-free jones, where roads are sandy, with palm trees, and just chilled out life.


Guatemala is more on the popular side among travelers. Plus, it’s an amazing opportunity for Solo Travelers. 

The place is quite amazing; it has a bit of everything. There is nature, ancient ruins, and amazing modern infrastructure. Isn’t that what every traveler asks for?

El Salvador

El Salvador is the tinniest nation in Central America, but still has a lot of play for you Solo travelers out there. It might as well be one of the best places to travel alone in Central America.

They may be a few bad words out there about El Salvador, yet it is quite safe for travelers. But this doesn’t mean you should follow the safety norms.

Best Time to Backpack Central America

So, when you ask, what is the best location, you might also well ask what is the best time to backpack Central America. After all, when you are spending that kind of money, you want to get the best.

So, speaking of the best time, if you want to visit Central America, plan it between December and April. For this is the dry season of most of central America. While temperature varies from country to country, it mainly ranges between 50°F to 90°F. but you can expect lower temperatures in the higher areas, i.e. the mountain.

Nevertheless, regardless of the time, you visit you can always have a great time in Central America if you plan well enough. Now that you know the best places to travel alone in Central America all you need to do is book a flight and travel away.

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