Ganpati, Ganesh, Lambodar, Gajanan, Ekdant, Lavin are the different names of Lord Ganesha. Each and every part of the Ganesh Idol is a representation, a symbolism of something very deep. Well, not everyone is aware of the symbolism of Ganesha’s idol. It gave the knowledge about the true meaning behind his postures and other parts. On this auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, we have brought the true meaning of Ganpati’s Idol. It will help you in your life with pure love and joy. 

Let us take a read!

Small Mouth

The small mouth indicates that we have to speak only when required. It will be better if you speak less and hear more. It describes that you are dedicated to your work. 

Big Head

The big head signifies thinking big and achieves big. It is also known for its intelligence and much appreciated for its wisdom, determination, and power. If big thoughts come into your mind, then only you can achieve something big in your life. 

Tiny Eyes

Small eyes in the Ganesha murti indicate to concentrate more on what you are doing. Always see the bigger picture instead of seeing the misleading sights. Be positive and excel in your work with dedication and a focused mind. 

Large Ears

Large ears symbolize the remarkable sense of hearing. Do listen to everyone but also filter the unnecessary stuff. Keep yourself calm and focused.  

Long Trunk

The pliable trunk of Ganesha expresses adaptability. It teaches everyone to be flexible in every situation and act respectively. The best thing about the trunk is; it can do versatile actions; play and destroy. 

Two Tusks

Life is full of the struggle of choices; right and wrong, emotional and practical, good and bad, etc. The two tusks of the Ganesh are these two choices. The broken one teaches us to rise above odds and make the appropriate decisions in our lives.

Big Stomach

The big stomach of Ganesha indicates that you have to celebrate life and absorb all the good and evil to rise above them. Disappointments, hardships, resentment, hostility are part of life, and thus we have to digest them to move on for a better future.

Unbeaten Modak

If you ever notice the Ganesha idol, you will see the Modak too. These Modaks are sweets, a type of Prasad in the search for knowledge and spirituality. 

Little Mouse

The mouse is Ganesha’s carrier, and it describes a lot more about human attributes. It represents the desires that we are crowded with, and it teaches us to control our wishes else they might end up destroying us. Another thing that the little mouse teaches us is that nobody must be egoistic. Always be determined and overcome all the barriers that come across in your lives.

Graceful Posture

Ganesha sits with one leg folded and the other leg on the ground. The posture of the Ganesha teaches us the most significant lesson that we have to aim for the sky but still have to behave in our values and ethics. Never be proud and remain rooted in your basics. 

Four Hands

The Lord Ganesha idol has 4 hands, and all are in different postures. These four hands represent several things. One hand holds the axe or hatched, as it represents old deeds and retrenchment. One should know when to cut, economize, reduce and retreat. The second hand is holding a lotus that represents rebirth and free of defects irrespective of where you stand. The third is seen giving a blessing and best wishes to the people. The fourth hand holds a rope that signifies pulling yourself away from materialistic things and getting closer to the aim.

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