Dog Playing with Heart-Shaped Balloon On Turkish Streets: On the internet, a video of a dog playing with a heart-shaped balloon on a Turkish street is going viral. The video is a little old, having been published on Twitter. According to the English translation of Turkish, the film’s caption reads “I just watched the best video in the world,”

Dog Playing with Heart-Shaped Balloon On Turkish Streets

The popular video shows the dog alone on the streets, playing with a balloon. It may be seen hopping and using its head to propel the balloon. With balloon begin to fall to the ground the doggo leaps into the air and forces it back up.

The dog can be seen jumping on an as the balloon crashes on him in the in the final moments of 25 seconds of the video.

The Video Has Received Over 2.4 Million Views and 53,000 Likes Since It Was Shared

Over 2.4 million people have seen and liked the video since it was shared. So far, over 2300 people have retweeted the post. In the post’s comment area, readers have also made sincere comments.

“I don’t know if it’s the best video in the world, but if loneliness was a video, this would be it”, one person commented.

“I am extra happy when I see that such things are happening in Turkey, because at least there are a few living things that are in good spirits.” Second user added.

I only see a trained but thrown soul here,” a third user commented on the video while sharing it.

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