A 10-Year-Old Boy Dives into The Water to Save His Mother Who Is Having a Seizure: In an act of bravery, a 10-year-old assisted in the rescue of his mother, who had a seizure in the swimming pool. The event was captured on film by security cameras and uploaded on Facebook by his mother, Lori Keeny. Gavin, the youngster in the video, can be seen scrambling up the stairway next to the pool and then diving into the water to aid his suffering mother.

A 10-Year-Old Boy Dives into The Water to Save His Mother

Gavin grabbed his mother’s hand and pulled her around the corner after diving into the pool. Later a dog can be seen attempting to climb the ladder before Lori’s father rushes in to save her.

Lori Shared the Video of the Incident On Social Media Praising His Son Bravery

Lori shared the video of the incident on August 6, Lori described it as one of her worst nightmares come true and stated that she is just posting a portion of the video since she does not enjoy people witnessing her seizures.

“For all my friends and family here, know this was very, very hard for me to watch as I’ve never seen myself nor have I seen Gavin in action,” she said, cautioning that watching the film might be difficult for some people.

She went on to praise her son’s bravery “Look at my baby saving my life, literally saving my life,” she wrote.

Only a Small Bit of Water Got into Her Body Before Her Son Helped Her

Lori reported that Gavin had gotten out of the pool and was sitting on the porch relaxing when he heard her. She also confirmed that she is fine and that only a small bit of water got into her body before her son helped her. While she struggled to accept that this had actually occurred and that she was writing about it, she was able to accept what she saw in Gavin, whom she called her Little Hero

The Comments Section Was Flooded with Compliments for Gavin

“Gavin, you’re a true hero along with your pup, then grandpa comes and is hero #3. You may have been afraid but you jumped in to save Mom with all your heart. God Bless you all,” said a Facebook user.

“Heroic young man you have there,” another comment read.

The sharp presence of mind and non-hesitant bravery shown by the little boy Gavin is sure worthy of applauses.

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