A Video of a Dog Rolling His Eyes at His Owner Has Gone Viral On the Internet: There are many amazing videos of dogs over the internet, cute animal videos work as a stress reliever and even improve mood. A video of a dog named Leo has just surfaced on the internet. The video shows the dog looking up at the ceiling. The clip was shared on the Instagram page name “Leo the Dog”. The page has 31,500 followers. The caption of the clip is “The Eyerolls”.

A Video of a Dog Rolling His Eyes at His Owner

The Video Has Received 23,900 Views, 3,343 Likes, and 68 Comments

The video has had 23,900 views to date, with 3,343 likes and 68 comments. Many dog lovers have been watching this video. “HE REALLY does not give a frock today and the eye roll says it all.” “He is the funniest!!!” said another. “Leo is hysterical. And I don’t think he has any idea how funny and weird he is”, the third person commented.

Videos of dogs are frequently shared on social media. Dogs are fantastic companions and a constant source of entertainment without a doubt.

Dogs Got to Spend a Lot of Time with their People Last Year, Due to Coronavirus-Induced Lockdowns

Dogs got to spend a lot of time with their people last year, due to coronavirus-induced lockdowns around the world. Eventually, pics and videos of dogs having amusing and adorable interactions with their owners began to flood social media.

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