A Fisherman in Australia Captures a Deep Sea Shark with Big Eyes and Strange Teeth: A bizarre deep-sea shark with protruding teeth and big eyes was recently caught by an Australian fisherman, who left social media users perplexed. Trapman Bermagui, a Sydney-based fisherman, released a shot of the face of a deep sea caught at deep of 650m underwater on FB. The Strange creature is distinguished by the rough-looking skin, appointed snout, huge eyes, and a jutting set of sharp teeth. “The face of a deep sea rough skin shark. All the way from 650m,” The post was captioned by Trapman.

A Fisherman in Australia Captures a Deep Sea Shark

The Photo of the Deep Water Shark Has Made a Real Storm Online

The photo of the deep water shark has made a real storm online since it was posted. It has received over 270 comments and over 1,500 likes.

“Looks very prehistoric,” one persona commented. “the deep sea is another planet down there. wild looking creatures” added yet another.

A third user speculated that it wasn’t even a shark, “Man-made.. either a sculptor or mixing of DNA with the assistance of the crisper,” said one user. “Looks really happy he’s just had his braces off so is accentuating the gums and teeth,” Fourth joked.

Several other observers noted that the shark appeared to be a “cookie-cutter” shark, having a short cigar-shaped nose and unusual lips.

Mr. Bermagui said that the Monster Is Not a Standard Shark

Meanwhile, in an interview with Newsweek, Mr. Bermagui claimed that the monster is not a standard shark. “It’s a rough skin shark, also known as a species of endeavor dog shark,” he said. “These sharks are common in depths greater than 600 meters. We catch them in the wintertime usually,” Mr. Bermagui said.

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