1. Costumes are Still in Famous

While the world is progressing, Halloween costumes never get out of fashion. Dress up as a vampire, or Frankenstein, or try out something new like minions. You can even dress up as a caped crusader, and shout from the top of your house “I am Vengeance, I am the night, I am BATMAN”.

This never gets old.

2. Bake Some Halloween Styled Cookies

If you have got the time, why not bake some ghastly cookies. Too lazy for that? Then

3. Order From Your Favorite Restaurants.

After all, you deserve a treat ( or trick).

4. Get some HALLOWEEN candies

Candies are without a doubt a big part of Halloween. You can take your Halloween game to next level by getting some Halloween-styled candy. Not to mention, kids are going to love these. Speaking of kids, you should also…

5. Decorate Your Front Porch

Truth be told, Halloween isn’t Halloween if little kids dressed up as ghouls don’t knock on your door, for a trick-or-treat. And make it obvious that your house is part of the party, you have to decorate your front porch.

6. Decorate Your House

Why keep the decoration to just the porch? Fill your house, with Halloween spirit, by decorating it on the inside.

7. Throw a Scary Party

Throw a Halloween-themed scary party, and invite all of your friends. Some food, Halloween styled, of course, paired with vampire cookies, and you are all set. But something is missing, right?

8. Let the Music play

Whether it’s Halloween or not Halloween, music can light up any day or night. So, what better way to set the ambiance of this ghastly night, than some Halloween-styled music. If don’t have a playlist for this, try out “haunted” by Beyoncé, or “The Phantom of the Opera” Overture by Andrew Lloyd Webbe.

9. Make a Festive Cocktail

No party is complete without a festive cocktail. Take your Halloween eve to a whole new level, with some amazing drinks. But make sure, you are 21 before trying this one of 21 ways to celebrate Halloween in 2021.

10. Go Adult Trick-or-Treat-ing

Like they always say, there is a child in everyone. so, why not let this child out for one night, and go adult trick-or-treating this year.

11. Crave Pumpkins

Craving pumpkin is something that goes as back as the legend of stinky jack himself. Jack o’lanterns is the “icon” of Halloween, and naturally, it has become a ritual over the years. So, this is something that you just have to try.

12. Scary Movie Marathon

Don’t want to leave the comfort of your house, but still want to celebrate Halloween? Get your popcorns, a blanket, something to drink, and get ready for a Scary Movie Marathon. This should be enough to get you’re through Halloween without missing the “spirit”.

13. Read Goosebumps

Not into movies? Read some Goosebumps instead. Or maybe even Steven king.

14. Tarot Card Reading

Movies and books are cool, but when it’s Halloween you should try something unique, you should try reading Tarot Cards. A kind suggestion, read about these cards before you get a set of your own.

15. Get Decals for your cars

We have all seen those cars that have bloodstains, as it has just run over a bunch of zombies. Of course, those are decals, but you can’t deny they are amazing. This year, it’s time you get those decals for your car and be the coolest one around.

16. Paint your Face

Put some makeup on your face, and look like you are just coming out of a fight with the monster. your lifelong dream of looking like a vampire finally comes true in 2021.

17. Or, Halloween Masks

Complete your Halloween look with one of those awesome Halloween masks.

18. Go, Apple Picking

Apple picking is another one of those Halloween rituals that never gets old. Make sure to look for the best orchard, before you decide upon one.

19. Go “ghosting.”

Ghosting has grown into quite a popular Halloween activity in recent times, and there is a good reason behind it. This is especially for those who can’t hang out with friends or family in person, so they go “ghosting” on them instead.

Just take a bag filled with “Halloween stuff” and leave it outside your friend’s door, attach a note that encourages them to go ghosting on someone else. This can be a fun way to celebrate Halloween, considering the risk of covid.

20. Look Out for The Rare Halloween Blue Moon.

There are speculations that a rare blue moon can be seen during this year’s Halloween. So, keep an eye out, just in case. But don’t get your hopes too high, it won’t actually be blue, it’s called that as it appears as the second full month.

21. Join in, A Haunted House Event

If you are one of those die heart horror junkies, you should join one of the haunted house tours, this Halloween even. After all, this is the time, when the soul of the dead decides to come back to the earth. Who knows you might actually find one roaming around?

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