Many people experience a sharp increase in weight during the colder months. In actuality, the problem of obesity rises during the winter as we begin to eat more fried foods. We cut back on activities like yoga and exercise because of the cold, which contributes to weight gain during this season.

Thus, adding Roasted Channa can be a great option if you’re trying to lose weight during the winter. In India, people have long enjoyed eating dry-roasted chickpeas, or chana, as a munching snack. People bring it with them on trips or to eat while working. It may surprise you to learn that one of the healthiest snack options available is roasted chana.

In addition to being delicious and savory, these salty snacks are also thought to be guilt-free. Without worrying about your health, you can crave this snack as much as you like. Aside from that, Roasted Channa makes a great substitute for processed foods like cookies or chips.

Check Out These Amazing Benefits of Eating Roasted Channa-

1. Rich in Protein

Chickpeas are regarded by many dieticians as a fantastic source of protein. They retain all of their nutritional value even after roasting. Protein is required for cell growth and development because it aids in cellular repair and formation.

2. Helpful in Weight Loss

An additional great source of dietary fiber is roasted chana. A study that was published in the National Library of Medicine claims that taking supplements of dietary fiber can help people lose weight by consuming less food and eating less frequently.

Eating foods high in fiber helps you feel fuller for longer. Consuming foods high in fiber also facilitates digestion and keeps constipation at bay.

3. Good for Diabetic People

For every diabetic, foods with a low glycemic index are very beneficial. A food item with a low GI will not cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate as much as other food items when consumed.

Roasted chana is a great snack for diabetics because chickpeas have a low GI of 28.

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