Unknown Pale Figure Seen On CCTV Provokes Paranormal Enthusiasts Controversy: People are sharing a video of a strange, pale figure near a house in the United States. The video was recorded by a local CCTV system and shared on Twitter by paranormality magazine. The video was reportedly recorded close to Morehead, Kentucky. The video has spurred discussion about what it might be among paranormal believers worldwide. The picture looks like a human-like creature from the Spectral movie who wreaked havoc. There is a pale, human-like figure in the 33-second footage. It seems lanky and leaned over close to a house’s backyard. It is observed cautiously approaching the home owner’s car.

Unknown Pale Figure Seen On CCTV

A Person Can Be Heard Saying in the Clip’s Audio, “You Can See His Face.”

The video has received half a million views since it was posted on 9th July with the caption “Here’s the video of the Pale creature caught on a security cam near Moorhead, KY”. The video has piqued the interest of several Twitter users, who have speculated on what the figure might be.

A user commented on the post “The question I have is, is this infrared? Because the pale creature would be dark colored (Dude in a black suit) and showing up white in that case. I know it’s not your vid but things like that can reveal a lot of missed detail,”

Another user said “If this was taken with a security cam why is the camera moving like someone is holding it?   Security cams are fixed and don’t float around,”

One of the local businesses that allegedly conducts paranormal investigations responded “To answer why the camera is moving, you can see the reflection of the person recording this footage from their phone in the glass of the monitor… as to what it is, a recording or a recording degrade the quality of the original footage. No way to know what we’re seeing.”

The Picture Is Similar to The Human-Like Creatures Who Wreaked Havoc in the Film Spectral

The 2016 movie Spectral featured a moving Einstein Bose condensate that was spinning around and killing people by freezing them from the inside out while resisting any attempts to destroy it with a conventional weapon.

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