A lady in the United Kingdom stunned the internet when she said she had permanently tattooed her partner’s name on her forehead. Ana Stanskovsky, an influencer, released a video of herself getting the word ‘Kevin’ tattooed on her forehead. In an Instagram video, a tattoo artist is seen engraving the name ‘Kevin’ in large, black characters on her forehead using ink. Despite appearing to be in agony and suffering at first, Ms Stanskovsky looked to be thrilled and delighted with the outcome.

‘Do you think he will like it”, she said after glancing in the mirror.

”Getting my boyfriend’s name tattooed on my face,” she captioned the Instagram video.

Many People On the Internet Quickly Labeled the Video as False, While Others Criticized Her for Creating a Prank for Social Media

Many people on the internet quickly labeled the video as false, while others criticized her for creating a prank for social media influence. Many people questioned if the ink was genuine. ”It’s a desperate attempt for a tattoo artist to get noticed, and for the girl to get more followers,” one user remarked.

”There’s literally no needle in the machine,” while a third said, ”It’s a prank. There’s no blood or redness.” A fourth added, ”Didn’t anybody tell you that? If you put your lover’s name on your body. you will break up, it’s a fact,” said another user.

She Claimed That Her Tattoo Was Real When Many On the Internet Doubted

She said that her tattoo was real when many on the internet questioned the video’s legitimacy ‘’Yes, it’s real,” she confirmed online. ”I can’t even believe it myself that I did it.”

When many people warned she would regret the tattoo later, she responded she was in love and would never be sorry.

”Everyone was saying to me I will regret that and every time I’m looking in the mirror I’m just like… I’m in love. I’m in love with the tattoo and I’m in love with my boyfriend and I think if you really love someone you just got to show it… you know, you just got to prove it. So I think if your girlfriend doesn’t want a tattoo of your name on her face you just need to find yourself a new girlfriend because I don’t think she loves you. This is the way you show your love,” she responded to the outrage and explained her decision in another video.

”I don’t know why people think getting such a big tattoo on your face is a big deal. And what if we break up? I’ll just have to find myself a different Kevin. I’m joking. We will never break up,’‘ she continued.

Even after her explanation, many people refused to believe the tattoo was real, while others offered her advice.

‘You need a mental health evaluation. That’s not normal behavior. You’re giving psychotic vibes. Kevin should run immediately,” one user said.

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