Many e-commerce businesses assist customers with placing online orders. These internet-based markets enable consumers to purchase anything from any location. Even if online shopping offers several benefits, there are certain drawbacks as well, such as the inability to verify if the purchase will arrive at our door.

Netizens have posted several stories of incorrect and damaged goods being delivered. Here’s a recent example of that.

Little Insects Found in Makhana

A user revealed in a post on X that he placed an online order for a package of Makhana. Little insects were moving inside. He tweeted about the company and included some images of the products after buying it from Flipkart. Flipkart then responded to his post in several ways. Check Out the Post Here-

Siddharth Shah, a Twitter user, commented, “I ordered Farmly Premium Phool Makhana from #Flipkart. When I opened the package, I saw live and small insects inside. This is horrifying to watch. Also, there is no return policy for the product,” he said.

Flipkart Later Issued a Refund

In the images he posted, little insects are seen inside cracked makhana chunks. At first, the company sent him a scripted answer and requested that he delete any “order-specific details” from X (formerly Twitter). For a while, the business and the client maintained their discussions. Shah concluded by providing an update, writing, “Update: This order has been refunded by Flipkart. I appreciate everyone’s support.

On October 25, the post was shared. It has been seen over a million times since then. Additionally, this post has received over 400 likes. “Brother, never order food products from Flipkart,” A person wrote. The same thing also happened to me, a person added. Someone said, “They sent an expired item.

This post has gone viral on the internet, even though Flipkart gave the customer a refund.

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