Twitter Employees Spotted Sleeping On the Workplace Floor in Order to Meet the New Boss’s Goals :Twitter has been a nightmare for its staff since Elon Musk’s acquisition. One of Twitter’s top workers uploaded a photo of a senior manager sleeping on the floor office at the company’s San Francisco headquarters. Employees are being compelled to work day and night to redesign Twitter, according to sources.

Twitter Employees Spotted Sleeping On the Workplace Floor

Previously, after taking control, Elon Musk instructed employees to work 12 hours a day, seven days a week to redesign Twitter. Furthermore, he abandoned Twitter’s work-from-anywhere policy in order to force all staff to come to the office at all costs.

Esther Crawford, Twitter’s director of product management, is pictured sleeping in the workforce while wearing an eye mask and a sleeping bag. Employee Evan Jones commented on the image on the social media, “When you need something from your boss at elon twitter”.

Elon Musk Uses Memes to Criticize Critics

Since Elon Musk’s announcement to charge $8 for each blue ticket to Twitter users, there has been controversy among netizens about whether the action is sensible or not. Many people are upset that Musk is charging for a service that was previously free, on the other hand, is in the mood to shut down his critics with verbal punches, sarcasm, tweets, and now memes.

He has posted these memes for any complainers who are mewling about charging money for blue tick. In one of his memes, he chastised people for joyfully purchasing $8 Starbucks coffee. However, they are adamant about paying $8 for a blue ticket for 30 days.
In another tweet, he posted a photo of a hoodie from a brand that costs $58 and a thinking emoji. In response to his remark, another Twitter user shared another meme condemning complainers.

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