Target Employee Exposes Disgusting Halloween Section: Although the holidays may drive some individuals slightly insane, you can see it with the chaos around Black Friday or even Christmas shopping. It doesn’t excuse their actions, as one user on TikTok pointed out. Amanda (@enchantingsunshine) was really unhappy after visiting the target costumes’ aisles. The video, which had over 18.7K views, was published on October 26th, just in time for Halloween weekend and costume parties.

Target Employee Exposes Disgusting Halloween Section

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She Begins the Video by Suggesting That People Should Stop Behaving Like Wild Animals

She begins the video by suggesting that people should stop behaving like wild animals, and then show the aisle, which is entirely covered in costumes and accessories dumped on the floor. She captioned the video “people are disgusting,” emphasizing her displeasure.

Users in The Comments Agreed with Her and Recounted Their Recent Experiences with Target

Users in the comments agreed with her and recounted their recent experiences with Target or other retailers in similar situations. One person speculated in the comments that perhaps there are people who let their unsupervised children run around the store and then leave without cleaning up their trash.

“No one has ‘Going into public’ etiquette anymore, and its unreal,” Wrote another person.

According to some target staff, individuals try on costumes in the aisle and leave the ones they don’t want there, even though they could easily put them back where they belong.

Target Staff Spend the Most of Their Shifts Cleaning

As the poster stated in her video, leaving the aisle in this condition is extremely disrespectful to the personnel and even other customers such as herself. Many users stated that they spend most of their shifts cleaning.

“It’s the same people who are always like “well it’s their job to clean all this up,” one user commented. While another pointed out that this is one of the many reasons people don’t want to work in retail anymore.

“I think they’re under-staffed, but guests really do need to be more respectful while shopping,” someone said. Amanda remarked that, despite the fact that there aren’t enough workers, they shouldn’t be human tornadoes.

“I worked retail for 9 years and when I shop I clean at the same time,” one person said, referring to the daily challenges that retail workers experience, while another added “This frustrates me so much! As I’ve always said, ‘it is the employee’s job to make things nice for you, not to pick up after you.'”

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