Internet in Love After Watching a Trending Video About a Panda Caretaker’s Day: Videos of humorous animal behaviors can be found in abundance online. One such video is going viral online and has some pandas tussling with their caretaker in amusement.

Trending Video About a Panda Caretaker’s Day

The video was posted on Twitter on Friday and has already received more than 220,000 likes and over 6 million views. As the video begins, a panda is seen clinging to his caregiver as he walks around. The cute animal then makes an attempt to crawl up the caretaker’s back. Four pandas start to follow the caretaker about and start to playfully tussle with him.

The Pandas in The Video Appear Intent to Obstruct Their Caretaker’s Work

The pandas in the video seem desperate to prevent their carer from doing their job. “A day in the life of a panda caretaker,” the post’s caption stated. The video has stunned internet users ever since it was shared. While some people playfully questioned how pandas endured for so long others said they wished they had the position of the caretaker.

What People are Saying

One user said, “I’d do this job for free, no human beings to annoy me, just happiness 365 days a year.” “That is the cutest video that I have ever seen how adorable are those pandas I just love this video 1000% of HEARTS,” Said another.

“Not sure how pandas have made it to this point in history. They as a species seem to have all the same survival instincts of a suburban toddler whose parents have told him that playing in the streets, talking to strangers, and falling out of trees is ok if that’s what they choose,” a third commented. Fourth added “Looks strangely familiar – like parents with toddlers.”

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