Squirrel Gets Drunk After Eating Fermented Pears: Videos of drunken individuals dropping their drinks and making a few mistakes can be seen all over the internet, but if you get the chance to see a squirrel gets drunk after eating fermented pears you cant unsee it. According to a popular video, squirrels don’t respond well to fermented drinks either.

The video was posted on Twitter and shows a squirrel eating some fermenting pears. The squirrel can bare to stand after taking several mouthfuls of the fermenting pears. The user Figen who submitted the video also wrote “Squirrel eats fermented pears and gets drunk. Aww,” with hearts and smiley faces.

 Over 662k people have watched the video in less than 24 hours.

Several users have responded to the post and noted how adorable the video is:

Someone remarked “Aww…The poor thing has not got a clue…Or maybe he does and he likes it? This happens to birds too.” Another person remarked, “It wasn’t such a good idea snacking the pears.” Another one said “I do not advocate getting squirrels drunk, but it does look like fun.

Several users of the social media site admitted, “We’ve all been there.

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