The Internet Is Going Crazy Over a Little Girl Singing While Snowboarding: In a viral video, a young girl is seen having fun while snowboarding smoothly, despite that fact that the activity can be physically demanding.

A Little Girl Singing While Snowboarding

In a video posted to Instagram by a user Rowley Adventures, a girl clad in rainbow and unicorn attire is shown happily performing the number song while her parents videotape her. She begins the song with 1 2 buckle my shoe, 3 4 shut the door” and then continue the song. As she approaches numbers nine and ten, she realizes she has gained too much speed on her snowboard and screams “Too much speed, aaah!” before collapsing on the snow.

The Video, Which Was Posted Three Days Ago and Received Over Four Million Views and 3.5 Million Likes

The video, which was posted three days ago, has received over four million views and 3.5 million likes. The caption explained how the video went viral on social media. In addition, the user stated “We learned from the first time we posted this is that there are many different versions of this song. Also, her rainbow outerwear is not any form of statement, she’s 5, she loves rainbows and unicorn’s. Heck so do we! What we’d give to ride a unicorn on a rainbow.”

“Favorite part is he singing out “so much speed” and then following up seconds later with “too much speed” one user commented.

“Let those rainbows and unicorns be exactly what they are. Colors and fantasy,” another person commented.

“this is one of the best videos in existence I mean I couldn’t love something more than I love this. Soooo much love to you guys and she’s so amazing and gifted,” says another.

“When she wins her first Olympic Gold they can play this video after the award ceremony,” a fourth person commented.

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