FIFA World Cup Victory Over Argentina Will Earn Saudi Arabian Football Players a Rolls-Royce: One of the biggest surprises with the year was Saudi Arabia 2-1 Victory over Argentina at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar. Argentina’s defeat was widely regarded as the biggest upset in the World Cup history.

Victory Over Argentina Will Earn Saudi Arabian Football Players a Rolls-Royce

With only 48 places between Argentina and Saudi Arabia in the world ranking, many expected Argentina to comfortably overcome Saudi Arabia, led by football legend Lionel Messi. Argentina has been unbeaten for three years and is considered one of the favorites to win the tournament in 2022.

The Saudi Royal Family Would Present Each of the Country’s Players with A Rolls Royce

The fans were ecstatic, as was the entire Saudi population. According to a source in the UK based express, the Saudi royal family would present each of the country’s players with a Rolls Royce after the surprising victory. When the players return from Qatar, Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud is expected to gift with RM6 Million Rolls Royce Phantom.

The King Also Declared a National Holiday in Response to The Prince’s Suggestion

Following the stunning triumph, stunned Saudis spontaneously formed dance circles and waved their country’s flag, which included sword motif, from the window of driving cars in Riyadh.

According to Arab’s News, the king also declared a national holiday in response to the prince’s suggestion. According to the Saudi Press Agency, all public and private sector employees and student would be given a day off.

Saudi Arabia have only won three World Cup games before to their unexpected victory.

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