The Heatwave in the United Kingdom Forces Amusement Park Visitors to Walk Down the Rollercoaster: The UK is suffering heavy heatwaves, with temperatures busting all-time highs and power cuts caused by overheating equipment. As a result, some riders on a rollercoaster at Staffordshire’s AltonTowers amusement park were forced to come downstairs to reach the ground.

On Twitter, a visitor named Dean posted a picture of a terrifying the picture of terrifying experience. “An Oblivion shuttle has stopped at the top, I’m sure the magical bottles of water will be straight out in this heat.”

The Heatwave in the United Kingdom Forces Amusement Park Visitors to Walk Down

Water Bottles Were Distributed to Those Who Were Suffering from the Extreme Heat

People started commenting and attaching pictures stuck on the rollercoaster on the Twitter post until it was evacuated. According to the post, water bottles were distributed to those who were suffering from extreme heat.

Britain’s Record Heat Melted Signaling Equipment and Damaged Train Tracks

Dean also stated that the ride was unable to begin due to the evacuation procedure. Fortunately, no injuries were reported during the evacuation process. People were given water bottles and harnesses to help them walk back down to the ground.

On Wednesday, Britain’s record heat melted signaling equipment and damaged train tracks. Train services were severely disrupted across the United Kingdom as a result of high temperatures

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