There was a happily married couple living a successful life. The only thing that is missing in their life is the happiness of having a baby. They had completed 10 years of married life and were still unable to have a baby due to some medical issues. They tried all the possible methods but unfortunately not getting positive updates regarding the pregnancy. The couple loses all the hopes of having a baby in their house and starts living their life. 

One day they were roaming around the park and saw that a dog was shivering under the bushes. The couple was so humble and took the dog to the veterinary center for its healing. The doctor treated the dog and asked a couple to take care of him due to his poor health and regular check-up and vaccination. 

The couple took all the responsibilities of the dog without thinking twice. They used to feed the dog like a baby. No matter how the dog behaves, they both calmly handle its behavior. Whether it is about the dog’s diet, health, bathing routine, clothes, or walk, they used to take care of all the necessary things. They also used to take the dog for the daily check-up and mandatory vaccination. 

One day, the doctor said that the dog’s health was perfect, and the couple was so happy by listening to the positive news. Three of them happily come to their house and celebrate this small happiness with one another. Everything was going so smoothly, and suddenly the woman fell ill. Her husband quickly rushed to the doctor and asked for help. The doctor checked the woman’s health and said to her husband that “his wife is pregnant.” He cried while listening to this and could not control his feelings. He was so happy and asked the doctor for further precautions and safety for the child. The doctor helped him with all the necessary information and asked him to take care of his wife as “it is a critical case for both child and mother.” The couple was treating themselves on cloud nine. 

The husband made a diet chart and treated her like a queen. He does not let her women work, and in his absence, the pet used to take care of all the necessary needs of the women. 

As the months passed by, the baby started growing healthier, and the couple was happy. After delivery, the woman took the baby in her hands, and it was the best feeling ever for her. The couple was happy and thought that the dog was a lucky charm in their life, as they got the biggest happiness after the dog came to their house. The animals have special senses, and through this, they can see the needs and requirements of the human being and can also feel the emotions. Similarly, the dog was also happy to see the newborn baby in the house. The dog used to sit around the baby only for the whole day and never leave him alone. 

One day the couple went to the market, and the baby was sleeping alone at home. The dog was there and checking whether the baby was properly sleeping or not. Suddenly the dog saw a rat near him and jumped over the child’s bed to kill the rat to save the baby. At the same point, the couple entered the home and thought that the dog was harming the baby and rushed to save the child. After a moment, they realized that the pet saved the little one from the rat. They were thankful for the dog and realized that having a pet is not less than a blessing.

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