Cats are adorable, and unfortunately, a lot of them have to live as strays in the streets. And it is not pleasant, to say the least.

Unlike everyone else, a Florida Cop decides to do something about it.

Gretchen Byrne is a police officer from Boca Raton. But she is quite different from your average cop. You see, apart from maintaining the law and order of the human world, she is also doing quite a humane service for the feline community as well.  

On her usual patrols, unlawful activities aren’t the only thing she is looking for. Gretchen keeps an eye out for stray cats, and kittens abandoned or otherwise. And once she finds them, this cat-loving officer gives them refuge in the Police station.

Here, they play around with coworkers and guns. Jokes apart, when Byrne’s shift ends she takes these refuge kittens to her own house. All the kittens and cats are cared for and fostered for until some are ready to adopt them.

This routine has been going on for more than 2 years on Boca Raton Street. Saving more than 63 cats, and kittens, till now, and counting.

On her Instagram account, @bocaratona, you can see how many cute kittens Gretchen Byrne has saved. We can only thank her for sharing these beautiful kittens with us.


On MSN News, she said, “I will get three breaks: A 40-minute lunch break and two 10-minute breaks. Instead of going for pizza with my colleagues, I use that time to run to the station and feed them. It all comes out of my paycheck at the end of the day but I don’t have kids so it is probably still cheaper than having kids.”

Well, we have nothing but love for this cop who’s taking care of both humans, and our furry friends. If you want more of this cat-loving cop, and of course the cats, you can go to her Instagram.

You may even decide to adopt one or two of them.

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