People from all around the world take on a variety of unusual behaviors to make records and secure their places in history. In order to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, a guy in Nigeria pushed himself to cry for seven days straight causing temporary blindness.

According to BBC, Tembu Ebere lost his vision while attempting to cry nonstop for a week in tear shredding world record attempt. He experienced migraines, a bloated face, and puffy eyes after the effort, and he became half-blind for over 45 minutes.

“I had to restrategize and reduce my wailing,” ” Ebere told the publication, adding that he was eager to finish his tearjerker despite the fact that he had not applied to GWR, so it would not count.

He is not the only record-breaker in the West African country

He is not, however, the only record breaker in the West African country, with numerous Nigerians seeking to break a variety of other records.

In a different event, in May, a chef named Hilda Baci attempted to cook nonstop for 100 hours in order to “put Nigerian cuisine on the global map”. Celebrities and even the country’s vice president congratulated her and filled the official website of Guinness World Records, which collapsed for two days as a result of the outpouring of congratulations, according to the Telegraph.

Some More West African Record-Breakers

Another instructor, John Obot, told the BBC that he plans to spend 140 hrs in September reading great literature aloud “The motivation is to promote reading culture in Nigeria,” said the school teacher, who added he wanted to make a meaningful record.

Farominiyi Kemi, who sought to produce the most puff puffs, a native desert, remarked twice “Nigerians are funny people and we tend to ride on the wave of whatever is happening at the moment. In less than three months the craze would die down.”

GWR has asked Nigerians to be cautious in their insane endeavors and recommended they register or risk having their records rejected.

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