Man Shares KFC Mashed Potatoes Life Hack for People Celebrating ‘Friendsgiving’: After posting his Friendsgiving mashed potato hack on TikTok, user Jake Musser became a social media sensation. He just bought the potatoes at KFC and dumped them all into a dish he bought from target. Many other platform users thought it was a brilliant method to help fulfill an obligation you may have forgotten your promised ahead of potluck lunch.

Man Shares KFC Mashed Potatoes Life Hack

@mvsserlifehack alert incoming.. 🥔🥔🥔♬ original sound – Jake Musser

“The other day my friend asked me if I wanted to do Friendsgiving and I was a little bit tipsy so I was, ‘like sure, I got the mashed potatoes.’ Um, I worked all day,” Musser, says while standing outside of a KFC location. “And I’m exhausted and I don’t have time to make mashed potatoes so I’m gonna get them from KFC and see if anyone notices.”

Musser Shows Friendsgiving Feast with Others Eating Food

Musser then shows off a white dish to the camera.

“Step 1: buy a bowl from Target because I’m still moving in and don’t have any of my stuff,” he explains.

“Step 2: buy 15 pounds of KFC mashers and some gravy, too.” ” Musser says as he picks up some mashed potatoes from the KFC counter.

He then puts the mashed potatoes into a bowl, and the video cuts to him wandering through the streets, followed by a smash cut to a Friendsgiving feast with others eating food.

“Do you like the potatoes?” Musser approaches one of his tablemates.

People Whom Saw Musser’s Video Had a Variety of Reactions

People who saw Musser’s video had a variety of reactions. Some thought he was stupid for not making homemade mashed potatoes, while others thoughts it was a wonderful time-saving technique. Other wonders why he was hosting Friendsgiving with his friends and some wonders if he washed the Tiger bowl he bought.

“Why Friendsgiving so early,” one user asked.

“Can you imagine being at a dinner party and ACCUSING someone of that tho? I would never, not even if I found the receipt in mine,” another user commented.

Some users stated that they have been in instances where store-bought food was sneaked into meetings to great praise.

“My dad participated in a chili cookoff… bought & mixed the chili from Texas Roadhouse & Wendys…. He won 1st place,” a user asserted.

Other said that he might have quick mashed potatoes, which would have taken less time and tasted better. Some, on the other hand, raved over KFC mashed potatoes

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