Monday – it always gives a feeling against our norms to talk about. The main reason why people dislike Monday is that they hate Sunday going every second. Well, is it fair enough to compare the workweek with the weekend? Of course not! It keeps us stuck in surviving the dreadful Monday. 

This week you must try something new and stop comparing Monday with the exciting weekend and put it in a category of its own. Give this week a label of new beginnings with a perfect Monday. 

The only thing you have to keep in mind to make your Monday more refreshing is to have more energy than any other day during the week. You can use that energy to create momentum and make the most of it for the entire week.

  1. A Five-Minute Planning

Five minutes is the only time that you need to handle the entire week. For this, you need a perfect plan for better productivity and a guide map to take steps accordingly. Spend five minutes every Monday to get your life for the entire week.

You must jot down the tasks you want to achieve, dates, and meetings you need to remember, and perform all the activities on the specific days. 

  1. Stay Focused

Having the energy in the workweek on a Monday morning is the best way to squash your negative emotions around you before the weekends. We know that the energy level remains to change based on the task. Accept the task on Monday that you feel will be better to start your week. If you feel more fatigued, then regain your energy by doing what you liked the most. 

The more you work, the more you will be focused on the perfect energy level. The more productive your work will be, the more you will be happy.

  1. Accept the Work Style

There is nothing right and wrong when it comes to your work style. There are more effective ways to work, accept it. No matter how you work, whether in the morning or evening, in a quiet room or with the music, choose the space that makes you feel groove on your beat. 

Set your work life as per your energy meter. Perform the tough task when you feel more energetic and finish the task until you have the brainpower to continue. 

  1. Enjoy Breaks In Your Day

Yes, Monday feels hard because you are so confused with the task that needs to be finished. It may feel like you do not have time for yourself in between, you cannot ignore the breaks. You have to enjoy the time that you have in your day. 

  1. Be Ready for Coming Days

Some people feel so confident after wearing clothes that make them feel special. Similarly, starting a week with fire gives you the best momentum, and you can smoothly move on to the next day of the week. Be ready for the coming day and leave the weekend plan for a while so that you can move with full energy into the workweek.

  1. Stay Hydrated

You may not find it too easy as during the whole week you will be busy due to so many tasks. But it is also mandatory to drink water from time to time and stay hydrated. There is no particular routine to access your water bottle when you are at work. The weekends are a little laxer, and it becomes challenging to drink water. 

Drinking water makes you feel fresh and energetic in the morning, and take a filled water bottle with you. 

  1. Experience the Moments

Life seems to be like a superfast train or like the speed of light, and we only remember tiny fractions of it. So to be happy, the simple method is to live and experience the moments. We have lots of thoughts going into our minds, and we can only memorize a few of them.

Slow Down! Enjoy life! Make Memories! It is the only thing you’ll remember most.

Concluding Line!!

Human nature is always against you, but if you want to cling to happiness, then make memories even on Monday. Whatever you do, do it effectively. Make every invested minuted count. Live the moment that brings some meaning into your life.

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