Crazy-Talented Makeup Artist Transforms Her Face into Jason Momoa, Johnny Depp, And Other Celebrities: Ever imagine what it would be like to have Keira Knightley or Cara Delavigne’s sculpted cheekbones temporarily? This makeup artist demonstrates how her extraordinary work can turn her face into some of the world’s most well-known and gorgeous celebrities.

Marina Mamic, a Croatian cosmetic artist, is featured in the YouTube channel Caters Clips clip. She rose to fame on the internet by posting videos of herself in which she transforms into Kim Kardashian, Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean, and even rapper Drake.

Crazy-Talented Makeup Artist Transforms Her Face

Marina Is Skilled at Altering Her Facial Features into Many Celebrities

Kim Kardashian is the first celebrity she morphs into the video, it is difficult to identify the controversial reality TV personality at first look, but as you see her drawing on a sculpted jawline, cheekbones, and strong eyebrows that match wonderfully with a long dark wig, you will recognize her.

Marina is also talented at transforming her facial features into more manly features. In the same video, you can see her transforming her face into Jason Momoa.

She Miraculously Transforms into Pretty Woman Icon Julia Roberts

It’s incredible to watch her transform through makeup, especially when she miraculously transforms into Pretty Woman icon Julia Roberts. Marina bears a likeness to the actress you can observe in the video.

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