According to the New York Post, authorities in Mexico arrested a Chucky Doll that its owner was using to terrify people in an uncommon event, Carlos “N” terrorized neighbors by wielding an actual size knife and demanding money from Chucky, a doll called a “demon doll” by local police.

On September 11, the couple was apprehended in Monclova, a city in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, for posing a threat to the public and breaking the peace. According to Juan Ral Alcocer, the former chief of the Monclova Police Department, Carlos is suspected of taking narcotics in the city’s major square. “He put the doll in their faces and was scaring people, it is an offense, (and) for this reason he was arrested,” he told the New York Post.

When they arrived at a police station, they were not handcuffed, and their mug pictures were also taken. The knife-wielding doll was pushed up against the wall and held by its hair when the photo was shot, according to the publication. The doll was also dressed in its trademark denims dungarees

A Police Officer Was Spotted Chuckling as She Held Up the Long Knife Confiscated from Chucky

According to the news agency Reuters, a police officer was spotted chuckling as she held up the long knife confiscated from Chucky. She was later chastised for failing to take her job seriously. The guy was eventually released, but the whereabouts of the Chucky doll remain unclear.

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