Controversial social media personalities Andrew Tate, a self-described misogynist with a significant online profile, recently had a heated conversation on X with an Indian-American doctor. It all began when Tate posted a shirtless photo of himself with the message, “I don’t sleep with vaccinated women.” Kirti Patel, a medical expert and gynecologist, commented on his photo, noting that this ”body type may only be attractive to gay guys.” She stated that she has previously declined dates with gym bros with ripped abs.

”I have literally turned down dates with gym bros with ripped abs in the past because I find this body type suggestive of aggression and narcissism. I bet other women feel the same,” she continued, offering her thoughts on the appeal of such body shapes.

Tate responded by posting an image of Dr. Patel, criticizing her appearance. ”I’m super disappointed that I’m not attractive to you, Kirti. I was only trying to make my arms as big as your nose,” he wrote.

He Continued His Online Attack By Posting More Photos Of Her And Commenting On Her Choices

Tate did not stop there; he continued his online attack by posting more photos of her and commenting on her choices. In the following tweets, he called himself ”funny” and ”hilarious”, coining the term ”KIRTIUS” to insult Ms. Patel. He went on to label her a “disgusting nose guardian” before noting that it was 5 a.m. and he should go to bed.

Notably, Tate, a self-proclaimed misogynist, has amassed millions of followers by preaching an ultra-masculine lifestyle that opponents argue denigrates women.

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