According to Fox News, a 63 years old man was viciously mauled during a scuffle over a seat in a Florida cinema. The event was described as a man’s “worst performance at the movies” in a news release by the Broward Sherrif’s office. On Thursday, the department published a video of the altercation, which showed the guy, who went to the theatre with his wife, throwing many blows at the elderly theatergoer, who stumbled to the ground.

The Whole Story

According to the 63-year-old, he and his wife acquired VIP tickets for the movie, which included prior seats. According to Fox News, when the couple arrived, they saw two persons seated in the seat. The elderly guy stated that after respectfully asking the two if they might relocate from their chairs, they grew aggressive and rose up, getting in their faces.

The old guy was compelled to take a step back due to the unexpected movement, which fell on the theatre’s steps. He lost his equilibrium and collapsed, at which point the attacker began pounding him. According to the site, witnesses in the cinema came to the man’s rescue and pulled the suspect off him.

The Elderly Guy Received Injuries to His Head and Face

A Video of the event has gone viral on social media. According to authorities, the elderly guy received injuries to his head and face. Meanwhile, according to the New York Post, the attacker departed the theatre with the unnamed woman.

In an effort to identify the culprit, the sheriff’s office published photographs of the couple exiting the movie

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